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Some new criminal cases may be opened against Yulia Tymoshenko in Ukraine in the coming weeks

On June 24 2011 the first court trial Ukraine vs Tymoshenko began on charges related to the natural gas import agreements signed by TYMOSHENKO and PUTIN in January of 2009  

Another three criminal cases against former prime minister Tymoshenko are under investigation, and the fourth and fifth cases are up coming


А serious call came in for Tymosehnko in the May of 2010, when the new government decided to conduct a total audit of the previous government headed by Tymoshenko 

  American companies were contracted to perform the audit :

Those were Trout Cacheris and Akin Gump.  in six months they completed their work.

U.S. auditors have found serious reasons for opening criminal investigation.

2. greenhouse gas emission earnings misused 

In December 2010   a criminal case was opened against the former prime minister–
in fact on a misuse of funds, which Ukraine has received from the sale of quotas on greenhouse gas emissions to Japan.

320 million euros had to be used for "green projects" , in fact the money was spent by the government for other purposes. Tymoshenko explained that the money was used to pay a supplemental pensions.

January 2011 there was a new thing – Tymoshenko's government purchased on credit, in Austria, one thousand vehicles for rural medical hospitals.

The prosecution proved that the price was too high, and the cars themselves are not suitable for use as ambulances.

Ex-prime minister Tymoshenko nonetheless, ignoring the findings of the Ministry of Health, decided to make a deal, since the so-called "first aid" ambulances, decorated with symbols of TYMOSHENKO as a presidential candidate ahead of the elections of 2010.

3. Natural gas illegal deal PUTIN-TYMOSHENKO

There is an inquiry in respect of the gas contracts of January 2009: because of the authoritarian decision by Tymoshenko when she agree on behalf of UKRAINE to pay a very high price for the natural gas Ukraine buys from GAZPROM, when Putin doubled the asking price. This situation drained government funds because in Ukraine government is a purchasing agent for natural gas supplies from GAZPROM. 
As a result of TYMOSHENKO-PUTIN deal no money was left in the budget for the social programs, since the government entered in that costly agreement former prime minister Tymoshenko had with Putin in January 2009.

This criminal case  so far is the only one that reached the stage of a trial. 
In the summer of 2011 accusations against TYMOSHENKO  became more serious when it became clear that at the time of signing of the contract with Putin (January 2009) Tymoshenko had a serious conflict of interests with Moscow:

a commercial entity owned by Tymoshenko remained indebted to the Government of Russia at the amount of more than $ 400 million owned to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

On this fact the Security Service of Ukraine initiated a separate criminal case.
5. Authoritarian decision to reduce social obligations for the "Kryvorizhstal" owner.

Recently it became known that investigators are looking in yet another episode of the prime minister's Tymoshenko tenure – It is related to easing of the investor's commitments made in 2005, when the new owner acquired strategically important steel making plant "Kryvorizhstal".

A new owner was the company Mittal Steel, paying a the record price for a plant of this kind - the price of $ 5 billion plus buyer took on large capital commitments.

In 2008, Prime Minister Tymoshenko has reduced the list of  obligations of the owner including social. It was supposedly done in support of the industry during the crisis.

The former head of the State Property Fund Valentina Semeniuk-Samsonenko previously tried to prove the illegality of

1.the most recent re-sale of the object without the consent of the State Property Fund,

2.and the sole decision of ex-head of the government to reduce the list of obligations of the investor.

Last year, the courts rejected the claim by Semeniuk-Samsonenko, but on July 7 2011, it became known that the Kyiv Appeal Administrative Court declared illegal earlier decisions to reject a claim. Now "Kryvorizhstal" case may become the hardest accusation against TYMOSHENKO.

6. A case of money laundering and funds embezzlement  won in USA against companies linked to TYMOSHENKO illegal manipulations with the budget of UKRAINE

Yet another forthcoming investigation is ready to be moved to the Court hearing – it is  the purchase of the large quantities of the overpriced  drugs in a time of the swine-flu hysteria during the fall of 2009 by the Government of Ukraine under TYMOSHENKO supervision.

In late May of 2010, news agencies reported that the state enterprise "Ukrvaktsina" won a court case against the corporations "Olden Group" and "Interpharm",  who supplied   drugs to Ukraine.

Press Service of the Ukrainian government announced that by the decision of the U.S. court in Oregon district, the state budget of Ukraine will get back more than $ 60 million that was illegally spent by TYMOSHENKO government for the purchase of overpriced medicine. Tymoshenko authorized the deal at the triple inflated prices through a chain of the shady offshore intermediaries. 

Attorney General Victor Pshonka said that in this criminal case, three officials are already detained. He did not refute the assumption of the journalists, including that the defendants would be the former leadership of the government, who oversaw such transactions. 

"Maybe the fourth criminal case will be open or even the fifth. Tymoshenko's political and economic reach since 1996 is enormous, of course,  lots of things happened and implications are to follow"

Attorney General : "All the money that was stolen from the state,  will be returned."
Tymoshenko herself could easily face 10 years in prison for each count.
Political analysts agree that the criminal cases against Tymoshenko looks reasonable,

but for some reason  the process in general is perceived as a political show, in which both sides look bad. 
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