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Tagesschau ARD lügt

11 серпня 2011 в Передачі «Tagesschau ARD» був показаний сюжет присвячений подіям в Україні, а саме — судовому розгляді позову Генпрокурати проти Юлі Тимошенко.

Зміст сюжету виявився на стільки перекрученим, спотвореним, тендеційним та упередженим по відношенню до України, що довелось відправити відкритого листа редакторам передачі, аби хоча б трішечки привернути їхню увагу до наявних в передачі неточностей брудних побрехеньок.

Нижче наведено текст листа.

Dear Redaktion,

I am sorry for writing this message in English as my writing skills in
German are not sufficient to explain the outrage I had when I watched
your coverage on the Timoschenko case on the Tagesschau program.

The program in question is:

The same narrative is present in other programs covering this case.

I would like to bring to your attention that both the narrative and
the coverage are extremely incorrect, one-sided, and invalid. I would
even say that almost every other word in the coverage is a lie and the
whole story, as it is represented by correspondents, is a KGB-inspired

Frau Timoschenko is depicted as an “opposition Politiker” and “der
einzige Ikone der Orangenen Revolution”. However, the show host and
the correspondent from Moscow both forget to remind the viewers that
Frau Timoschenko was one of the most powerful oligarchs in Ukraine and
a close business-partner of Pavlo Lazarenko, who was sentenced in the
US court for money laundering, corruption, and theft.

They both depict relations of Frau Timoschenko and the current
President of Ukraine as black-and-white. But they somehow both fail to
mention that Timoschenko and Yanukovitch were close allies in their
struggle against former President of Ukraine Viktor Yustchenko. Their
relations back then were so close, that they were one step away from
formally declaring an anti-Yustchenko coalition in Parliament.

Both correspondents somehow failed to notice that Timoschenko has
already lost a case in the American court where her government was
charged with money laundering, theft, and corruption charges.

Correspondents also forgot to mention that Timoschenko was accused of
bribery in Russia and was on the Interpol wanted list. But this case was
miraculously dropped once she visited Herr Putin in Kremlin.

And the both correspondents failed to see that her company, United
Energy Systems of Ukraine, owed hundreds of millions of US dollars in
debt to Russian monopolies. And this too could be a sign of the
conflict of interests when she was signing corrupt gas contracts in

There are also multiple other statements in this program that do not
match and sometimes contradict reality. Or, plainly speaking, are
dirty lies Walter Duranty would be proud of.

I would be very glad if you take the above facts into account and your
coverage of the affairs in Ukraine will adhere to the best standards
of journalism.

With best regards,

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